Surprise! You Have A Baby! (Video)


images1Last Thursday, 32-year-old Kelly Bottom went to use the restroom and didn’t emerge alone.  She gave birth to a baby.  And she didn’t know that she was pregnant.

Bottom was on the pill and believed she had been menstruating for the past 10 months.  Tummy girth was attributed to packing the pounds back on after a recent 40-pound weight loss.

As Bottom describes it, the five minute birth experience would send any mom into throes of envy:

“I got down on the floor and started to push and he was out in two pushes.”

The plucky Bottom  picked up her new little bundle, cleaned out his mouth, snipped the umbilical cord and…went to the hospital, right?  Nope.  First she drove a mile to pick up her older son from school.

When she did finally get to a doctor, Brian Keith Sims weighed in at a healthy 6 lbs., 15 oz.

Here’s Bottom on CNN: