Svanberg Small People Blunder, Noby the Robot Baby, and More


What’s cute and creepy at the same time?  Noby the Robot Baby.  With 600 sensors across its body, Noby can “see” and “feel” the world around him.  Researchers say he’ll help them study child development.  Why not just study real children? — The Sun

The Svanberg small people quote is angering people in the Gulf and across the nation.  If you’re wondering how to explain this ongoing disaster to your kids, Politics Daily has some great tips for communicating the details of the BP oil spill in a kid-friendly way.

Your baby has grown from toddler to big kid — now what do you do with all of that gear?  Much of it can be sold or donated, but over at The Stir there are some great ideas for re-purposing smaller items — like the snack trapper and teethers — for use on your next family vacation.

A new study finds that the way parents play with their children — fathers were more assertive, while mothers were more cooperative and helpful — may teach toddlers about gender roles. “Such differences may teach children indirect lessons about gender roles and reinforced gender-typed patterns of behavior that they then carry into contexts outside of the family,” says the lead researcher. — Yahoo! News

Ever wonder why babies and toddlers love routine so much?  At Parents Ask, Dr. Bonnie Zucker tells us that having a predictable routine with consistent structure helps young children relax and reduces anxiety.

Photo: Deepwater Horizon Response, Flickr

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