Sweden's HUGE Twitter Fail (And Why You Don't Hand Over Access To Your Account)


This story is going to make a hell of a case study about social media experiments failing! Apparently, a few months back Sweden’s Tourism office decided that a great way to promote Sweden to English-speaking potential visitors was to allow us all to meet “real Swedes” so they handed over control of the @Sweden account to, well, real Swedish people. With often hilarious results.

Apparently the very first @Sweden user was Jack Werner who managed to earn the nickname “The Masturbating Swede” during his week of manning the account. But that absolutely PALES in comparison to the damage done by the young woman currently in charge of the account.

Sonja Abraham decided the best way to use the account, it seems, but stirring up controversy.

It’s a good thing she led off today’s tweets with this.

Because she goes on to say this.

And, even more appalling, this:


Yikes. If this isn’t a lesson in doing your own social media management, I’m not sure what is.

H/T to Mashable for this one.

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