Sweet Pre-K Graduation Ceremony Turns Sour When Moms Start Throwing Punches

Weemes Elementary School
Grainy video footage shows moms going at it at a Pre-K graduation

A pre-K graduation ceremony is one of life’s little bonuses. It’s not nearly as grand as, say, a high school or college graduation. But for preschools that offer them to children moving up and on to kindergarten, it’s the perfect moment for moms and dads to show up and support their offspring with no small amount of love and pride.

That seems to have been lost on a few parents at a recent Los Angeles preschool graduation. Something about only one cap and gown that had to be shared by all the kids for pictures at Weemes Elementary School because of budget cuts seems to have caused some parents to get all in a tizzy, according to the New York Daily News.

In other words, a fight broke out the Pre-K graduation ceremony. Not among the children, but among some of the moms. And not a war of words, but one with flying fists. Nice example they’re setting for their kids, huh?

Thankfully no kids were hurt in the fight, although one older woman not involved in the fight was injured as a result of getting pushed into a bookcase. No charges have been filed.

You can watch the video here if you want, although all you’ll see are a bunch of moms in a scuffle. What makes it most disturbing are the children’s screams that can be heard in the background. After all, it was a pre-K graduation.

Photo credit: EAGNews

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