Swine Flu Fears Prompt Hospitals to Ban Kids


kid-at-hospitalHospitals are stepping up their efforts to keep swine flu in check, and for hundreds across the nation, that means banning kids from visiting.

It’s true – your kids are as germy as all those non-breeders think they are.

And they’re carriers! (Don’t blame me – that’s an official word from the director of one North Carolina hospital that’s hung out the “no kids allowed sign”).

Kids are likewise more likely to contract the disease – that’s why they’re first in line for the upcoming swine flu vaccine – so putting them inside the walls of a hospital is not only risky to the patients but the children themselves.

So no meeting the new baby or checking on granny for anyone under eighteen in places like New Hampshire and South Carolina, but other hospitals are skipping the ban and simply asking parents to “be prudent.”And of course this doesn’t apply to kids who are sick – they’re welcome at the hospital any day, any time.

If being prudent means keeping my (as yet un-vaccinated against anything because my pediatrician doesn’t even have the seasonal flu shot!) kid away from sick people, I’m in.

Are you?

Image: Calphys

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