Swine Flu Killed 19 Kids in One Week


vaccineThe numbers of kids dying from swine flu are climbing in the United States, and last week was a doozy. According to the CDC, nineteen kids died of  confirmed cases of H1N1 between Oct. 18 and 24.

That brings the number of kids (everyone under eighteen) killed by swine flu to one hundred fifteen since the pandemic began in April. Sixty-five of those cases have happened since school began (after August 30).

Still an incredibly low number compared to the total U.S. population, but the CDC statistics show the number of hospitalizations and deaths from H1N1 are on the rise, and the swine flu shots are still hard to come by in most states, and despite an announcement by the World Health Organization that kids might need just one dose of the vaccine, the CDC is sticking to its recommendation that kids who receive the shot get a booster several weeks later to shore up their immunity.

Image: alvi2047 via flickr

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