Take a Break from Parenting... For Your Health!

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I have been saying for ages, everyone needs a break from parenting every once and a while, if not for their health, for their sanity. Boy was I happy to wake up and read an article from Health Day about parents really needing to take a break occasionally for their health.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a couple great pieces of advice to helping parents take some time for themselves :

  • Relax yourself with a cup of coffee, some relaxing music, reading, meditating,  or a phone call to a friend.
  • Understand and be aware that it is alright to sometimes feel angry, upset or frustrated with your children.
  • Ask others to help watch your children, or infant from time to time to get a little break for yourself, especially if you are a full time stay at home parent.
  • If you are frustrated, and no one is around to help, find a safe place for your little one like a play pen, or crib, and try to take a couple minutes for yourself to relax and regroup.

Just by taking a break occasionally, and really knowing your limits, it can genuinely help to keep you from getting burnt out, which we all do now and then. I know I certainly have been there as a work at home mother with two little boys, and another baby on the way!

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