Taking A Cute Avatar Photo With Your Phone


I’ve made some changes to my life with the hope of losing weight, and I’ve been joking with people that my goal is to “live up to my avatar.” I take a great avatar photo primarily thanks to a combination of smart posing and camera angles.

I get compliments all the time, so I thought I’d share a little silly video I made back in July about how to take your own avatar photo with your phone. Now, I use my iPhone, but you can use the same tricks with any phone that has a camera on the top of the phone.

Also, I always recommend using PicMonkey to edit the photos. It makes it totally possible to plump up your lashes and remove blemishes (like the zit from hell I’ve had for the last two weeks, ARG). So I hope you like it and find it helpful. Or at least enjoy laughing at my silly face.

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