Talk About Olympic Spirit: Boy With One Arm Wins Swimming Championship

Talk About Olympic Spirit: Boy With One Arm Wins Swimming Championship via Babble
10-year-old Ben Ramirez

Nothing dampens Ben Ramirez’s spirit.

The 10-year-old who was born with one arm in China has a can-do attitude which recently helped him bring home two gold medals at a swimming competition in an El Paso swimming tournament.

Placing first in the 25-yard butterfly and the individual medley, Ben also won two bronze medals for team events.

Little Ben’s life has been a challenge. When he was born in China, he was given up for adoption. At age three, he was adopted by Cindy Ramirez and moved to El Paso.

His mom says he has struggled with kids staring at his arm, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything he has set out to do, including becoming a superstar swimmer:

It was not so much what he couldn’t do, but people looking at him. But once he decides to do something, he pretty much does it. You don’t have to go after him. He has a goal and he goes for it.”

Ben’s advice for others trying to reach a goal? ‘Just keep on trying and one day, you’ll accomplish it.”

Now that’s what you call Olympic spirit.

Image: NY Daily News

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