Taylor Swift Writes Song Inspired By Mom Blogger's Words


This one’s a tear jerker.

Blogger Maya Thompson noticed something odd in her son’s eyes in a photo; sadly, this eventually led to an eight-month battle with cancer that eventually killed the sweet little four year old boy.

I dare you not to look at the picture of this kid (well, any kid with cancer) and not weep.

Ms. Thompson blogged through the experience, and continued to blog after her son died, usually writing the posts to her son. Her public and painful expression of grief has been a boon to other parents in similar situations, and inspired her to launch the Ronan Thompson Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding the cure for the cancer that took Ronan from the world.

Apparently, the story inspired singer Taylor Swift, and she wrote a song well, co-wrote, since she used a lot of Ms. Thompson’s words and wanted to give her credit about Ronan and sang it at the recent Stand Up For Cancer benefit. Ms. Thompson loves the song.

Now, get your tissues. Enjoy.