"Teach Me to Sneeze Elmo" Needed for White House Reporter


elmoIt practically took an act of Congress to get Americans to start washing their hands when H1N1 first surfaced last spring.  But thanks to Elmo and his PSAs (that particular one not suitable for actual children), kids everywhere are now sneezing all their germs onto their shirt sleeves instead of into their hands.  This reduces the number of germs spread by touch and increases the grossness of the dirty laundry pile at home.

Apparently, however, some adults aren’t getting the message.  At last week’s press conference about H1N1, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius caught NBC’s Chuck Todd sneezing into his hands.  Quelle horreur!

Sebelius jokingly reminded him to sneeze into your elbow, man, don’t you know any better? And by the way, get that guy some Purell.  And then she called on Elmo to hold a “special briefing” to help Todd and his peers the proper way to sneeze.

Watch the video after the jump:

via Jezebel

Photo: Jason DeRusha, Flickr