Teacher Calls Student 'Future Welfare Recipent' ON VIDEO!

Screenshot of Derek Howard on Marcus Williams Jr's Cell Phone

Let’s be clear about something … I am not the most patient person in the world.  And I don’t love everyone equally. From the moment my children began to make friends, there were some kids I adored and some who fell into the ‘not my favorite’ category.  I know I couldn’t be a teacher for a million different reasons.  I know it is a hard job.  I know some kids inspire and some make you want to pull your hair out.

But really, people?  Really?  A teacher calling a kid … one of their students a ‘future welfare recipient’?  This just makes me nauseous.  I don’t care if you don’t like the kid.  I DON’T care.  He’s still a kid.  It is your JOB to TRY to guide them, to motivate them — even when it doesn’t seem possible. And you know what? I’m thinking that  a kid who is smart enough to catch a teacher saying that on camera might not be worrying about welfare.

It happened at a Kansas City High School.  The student, senior Marcus Williams, Jr, claims basketball coach, Derek Howard, has harassed him for two years. This past week, as Williams was taking a picture with classmates, Howard apparently stopped to tell him to label the picture ‘future welfare recipient’. Since Williams had been looking for proof of the abuse from Howard, he pushed ‘record’ on his cell phone and asked Howard to repeat himself. And, well, he did.

Here’s the video.  And my thoughts.  Discuss.