Teacher Chops Kids Braid Off as Punishment


braid-cut-offA little girl was playing with her braids during class, so her teacher decided to chop the thing off as a punishment.

Think that’s bad? She got the girl to come up to her desk by telling first grader Lamya Clemmon she had some candy for her.

The Milwaukee girl’s family spoke with a Wisconsin TV station this week, showing off one braid that looks nothing like the others on her head – short and lacking the beads that the teacher apparently found annoying as they clanked together. The teacher told Clemmon’s mom she was sorry but she was “frustrated.”

The girl has been moved out of the tenured teacher’s classroom, the teacher given a $175 fine by police for disorderly conduct, but she’s still teaching kids at the elementary school.

I think most teachers will identify with the stress level, especially as budget cuts loom large in school district across the country. But when does it cross over the line from stupid to abuse? A big part of becoming a teacher is being aware that you’ll be walking into a classroom filled with unpredictable – often frustrating – kids.

A haircut is already a popular fight between parents and grandparents. Would a teacher pulling out the scissors on your kid earn her a visit from you?

Image: WISN

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