Teacher Hit Student Multiple Times, Inspired by 'Bridesmaids'

bridesmaids, teacher hits student, corporal punishment
Attention, teachers: it's just a movie.

A Malibu, CA teacher is under investigation by law enforcement after slapping student Dionne Evans six times in the face for not bringing her notebook to class on May 22. TMZ says, “According to the police report, the teacher made Evans stand in front of the class — then asked, ‘Did you see ‘Bridesmaids’?’ before slapping her multiple times.” The teacher was referring to this scene in which Melissa McCarthy tries to “slap some sense” into Kristen Wiig:


You’ll notice that at the end of the scene, Wiig slaps McCarthy back, but I doubt the student in question was allowed the same rebuttal. TMZ reports that the teacher has issued the student a written apology, “but Evans’ family doesn’t think it’s enough.” They are pursuing criminal and civil options.

I know you guys live near Hollywood, but try to remember, teach: it’s just a movie.

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