Teacher Sings Barney and Friends After Violence Erupts Outside Classroom [VIDEO]

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Barney -- and a cheerful teacher -- kept kids calm as violence erupts outside the preschool classroom. VIDEO

A preschool teacher in Monterrey, a city in northern Mexico, is being called a hero for keeping her classroom calm while a gun battle raged outside her classroom.

After the first shots were fired, she quickly and calmly gets the kids to lay down on the ground. In a video, posted after the jump, you can hear her order the kids “faces on the floor.” Then one of them asks what’s going on.

She tells them that nothing is going on, according to the NY Daily News. Then a long burst of gunfire erupts. When that subsides, she asks if they want to sing a song. They’re game. In Spanish, she sings “All the Raindrops,” a song from the Barney kids TV show. Then she has them roll on their backs to catch the candy raining from the sky.

According to the Daily News, several SUVs pulled up to an unlicensed taxi stand outside the school and gunmen emerged from the vehicles and opened fire. Five people were killed. No children were injured in the classroom.

People in Mexico, many of whom are fed up with drug violence, are hailing the teacher as a hero.

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