Teacher Treats Kid Like Dog for Punishment


dogA seven-year-old was forced to get down on all fours and crawl around his classroom like a dog because his first-grade teacher said she was at her wits end with him.

But the boy’s mom, Holly Casey, told the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate that she’d never heard any complaints from the teacher about her son having behavior issues. Casey says her humiliated kid doesn’t want to go back to school where the other kids laughed at him while he played dog to suit the teacher’s requests.

Can you blame the kid? He was degraded in front of his classmates – a classic way to ostracize a child. One of the favorite defenses for teachers coming up with cockamamie methods of discipline (which often crops up right here on Strollerderby) is “what else are we supposed to do?”

The answer is very simple – not this.

Image: allygirl520 via flickr

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