Technology and Storytelling


There are those who say that the web is dead, that blogs are dead, that social is maxing out. Maybe they are the same as those who predicted the death of books, magazines, radio and television. And yet, those are still here.

Instead of one medium replacing another in a linear continuum, we seem to have just added to our repertoire of media options. It feels a bit like what cable did to TV back in the 80’s. We just have more channels! More channels for what? Stories.

The art of storytelling has remained unchanged since before the internet, since before the printing press, since before the written word — all groundbreaking technologies, really. Since members of our species were grunting at each other in caves, we were telling stories.

What technology has afforded us are platforms and audiences for our stories. You don’t have to wait for your book to be published or until you host your own TV show. You can push publish any time. You can press record any time. If you have a good story, the audience will come. That’s what social has proven.

I was watching this great TED Talk by Joe Sabia on technology and storytelling. He introduces us to a true innovator. That is one of the gifts of technology — it pushes us to innovate, to ask ourselves these questions: how do we tell our stories effectively? In what ways will we capture people’s attention and their minds and hearts? Is it by harnessing the novelty of the latest and greatest technology? Is it using technology to fine tune our craft and our voice?

Are you using the technology effectively to tell your story?

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