Technology On The Road


We’re off for our family road trip to warmer climes! It’s our first one without the in-car entertainment system we had in our old Honda Odyssey. I find it amusing that when I had our minivan serviced this summer, the guy at the shop asked me earnestly how it was going to go with just one DVD player. Ha… and now we have none. What to do?

I actually considered investing in an iPad and a headrest mount. This would add $499 plus $10 for a total of $509 to our trip cost and I had a feeling that Santa wasn’t going to be ponying up that kind of cash.

If I weren’t such a Mac geek I would consider the Amazon Kindle Fire and its headrest mount, which would save me $293 off of the Mac solution. Seriously? $199 plus a $16 headrest is not bad to have an after market in-car entertainment system that I can also drop into my purse and use for a variety of other purposes. Sigh… when’s that Apple Mini coming out again?

In the meantime, I am patting myself on the back with my interim solution. Genius, if I do say so myself. Because my car has bluetooth, I can run my iPhone’s audio through the car speakers. And with the Netflix app and my Gorillamobile tripod, I have surround sound movies through my phone for… well, for FREE since I have all the gear already. Assuming you’ve got to splurge for the tripod, you’re in for $24.87 plus shipping from Amazon. Sweet, huh?

Okay, so the screen is significantly smaller than an iPad or Kindle Fire but I noted that it isn’t any smaller than the GPS system on the dash or the in-cabin, in-headrest systems on some planes I’ve been on. But the real test was when I demoed my set-up for the kids and… we have clearance for take-off!

I’ll let you know how it goes on the flip side.

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