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Technology Travels At Light Speed. Try to Keep Up.

my new laptop

Around the breakfast table this morning, the hot topic of conversation was Space Balls. Yup, the Mel Brooks movie from the 80’s in which the Mercedes “space car,” came equipped with a built-in phone. With cords.

My 10-year old says, “Why is that funny?” Um, because it’s supposed to be a phone. Her reply: “Oooooooh.”

Upon reflection, the speed of our technological advances is actually at ludicrous speed. For those who have not seen this celluloid classic recently, that’s one speed past ridiculous speed and two speeds past light speed.

So we had to explain to the next generation that in 1986, there was a car phone which cost $1,250 plus a monthly usage fee of $160 plus minutes. It was as big as the old princess phone — if you know what that is, you are old like me! On the heals of the car phone was the bag phone, which is like a carry-on, pretty much. After that, came the hand-held, which was about the size of a loaf of bread. Did you see the movie, Wall Street? Gekko had one, which was cool but that means you had to forego the cache of having the cellular antenna on your car! It was only in 1997-1998, with the Nokias that cell phones started to even resemble what we think of as phones today. And then, remember the RAZR?! That hit the market in late 2004! That was only eight years ago. My daughter was already two. Do they still make those? And then, in one game-changing move just a mere five years ago, Steve Jobs released the God phone… er, I mean the iPhone.

The tough part about keeping up with technology is the growing number of totally uncool phones I have in the playroom that now function interchangeably as super spy equipment, space gear, or sorcerer’s magic tablets.

Another example: my laptop. I was perfectly content with my 13″ MacBook Pro. In fact, when I traded in my embarrassingly ancient MacBook circa 2007 last fall, I was thinking I was pretty darn cool. That is, until I joined the other ladies for the post-Blissdom Intel UltraYou Brunch hosted by Ali Worthington.

Now my MacBook is feeling like a bag o’ rocks. So now when I’m running out the door for a meeting, the thing that gets tossed (almost literally) into my purse is… the UltraBook because… well, it’s just better for my posture! :)

10 Things In My Purse That Are Heavier Than My UltraBook

  • 1. Rocks. for real. cmon, moms, whos with me? 1 of 10
    1. Rocks. for real. cmon, moms, whos with me?
  • 2. Art projects and/or supplies 2 of 10
    2. Art projects and/or supplies
  • 3. Drinks — the non-fun kind 3 of 10
    3. Drinks -- the non-fun kind
  • 4. Books 4 of 10
    4. Books
  • 5. Dog (different purse) 5 of 10
    5. Dog (different purse)
  • 6. Lunch and/or snacks. Hey, fruit weighs more than Doritos, Ill have you know. 6 of 10
    6. Lunch and/or snacks. Hey, fruit weighs more than Doritos, Ill have you know.
  • 7. Makeup (sometimes) 7 of 10
    7. Makeup (sometimes)
  • 8. Camera 8 of 10
    8. Camera
  • 9. First Aid Kit and/or meds — still the non-fun kind 9 of 10
    9. First Aid Kit and/or meds — still the non-fun kind
  • 10. Dance shoes. Okay, they’re light but their bulkier than by UltraBook 10 of 10
    10. Dance shoes. Okay, they're light but their bulkier than by UltraBook

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