Technorati's State of the Blogosphere


In the opening keynote Friday at BlogWorldExpo in Los Angeles, Technorati CEO Shani Higgins presented the 2011 State of Blogosphere survey results. This report is packed with info you can see the entire thing here — so I’ll be breaking this into at least two parts.

First up, who were the blogger? They survey included over 1,400 bloggers from around the world (although the survey was conducted only in English). The bloggers were three fifths males, and two thirds were between the ages of 25 and 44, but the other third was over 44, which was surprising (and new this year). More than half are married, and more than half are parents. The majority of bloggers are hobbyists, with fewer bloggers this year reporting that they earn their living entirely via blogging 37% earn their living blogging. Of the full time bloggers, 55% are parents, and the majority of full time bloggers are self employes.

Interestingly, most bloggers have an average of three blogs. Of those that own a blog or maintain a blog for a corporate entity, over 90% blog about a specific industry. Not too surprisingly, the majority of bloggers do not employ a staff of any kind. 60% of bloggers spend three hours a week blogging, with 13% blogging more than ten hours a week. Most bloggers update their blogs two to three times a week, with professional bloggers updating more frequently, and 26% updating three times or more a day.

Most bloggers say they are blogging more now than when they started, but it is interesting to note that some bloggers are blogging less thanks to other social networks.

The key driver of decreased blogging is an increase in work and family commitments, which is reported as a factor by 61% of respondents who are blogging less. Consistent with last year’s findings, a fair number of respondents who are blogging less said that their devotion to social networks (31%) and microblogging (29%) has curtailed their blogging.

So, this tells you about the bloggers that participated in the study. Keep your eye out for more updates from the State of The Blogosphere from Technorati!