Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Reunited With His Mother on TODAY

ted williams
Ted Williams and his mother, Julia.

In case you missed it… the much-talked about homeless man with a golden voice, Ted Williams, reunited with his mother after 10 years yesterday afternoon, and the two appeared on the TODAY show together this morning.  Both parties not surprisingly described their meeting as a “dream.”  After laying eyes on her son for the first time in a decade, Williams’ mother Julia told him, “I love you.  Please don’t disappoint me.”

You can’t blame the woman for being concerned that her formerly drug-addicted son might once again break her 90-year-old heart.  Williams seems to have held the image of his mother dear during his life on the streets of Ohio, despite their long separation.  He explained, “I always used to pray to God, ‘Lord, let my mom live to see another year; maybe this will be the year that somebody will say, ‘Hey man, do you want a job?'”

Jobs having been pouring in for Williams, who is currently voicing an MSNBC promo and a Kraft ad that will begin airing this weekend.

Image: NPR