Teen Accuses Rue 21 Employee Of Kicking Her Out Because She's 'Too Big' to Shop There

Shelby Buster
Shelby Buster

14-year-old Shelby Buster says she was shopping for perfume for her birthday at Rue 21 when she was asked to leave by a store employee.

Buster tells Eugene Oregon’s ABC affiliate, KEZI, the woman behind the counter said, “Hey, you’re too big to be in this store, I need you to leave.”

Shelby’s mom was understandably pissed off and went back into the store to give them a piece of her mind, then contacted the local news.

KEZI reporters contacted Rue 21, and the company’s district manager said they’re pulling surveillance video and looking into the incident. It’s worth noting that Rue 21 carries XL clothing, so it’s unfathomable why the employee would tell Buster she’s too big.

The incident brings to mind the horrific comments Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries made about specifically catering to the “cool kids” because any other kind of person doesn’t belong in the store. What is it with the rampant discrimination against overweight people? Does anyone honestly believe that an overweight person enjoys being that way? We’ve learned to be so tolerant about alcohol addiction, so why the lack of compassion for food addiction?

You can see Shelby Buster tell her story in the news report below.

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