Teen Attacks Dad Over Loud Snoring


snoring-sm250As a married woman, I never expected that I would spend every night sleeping alone in a king-sized bed with only my cat for company.  I don’t do this because my husband travels for business or works the overnight shift.  I sleep alone because my husband snores like a freight train.  Like a chain saw.  Like a space shuttle blasting off.

Of course I am exaggerating, but only a little.  The noise he makes when sleeping is excruciatingly loud.   When we travel and must share a room together, he’s the only one who gets any sleep.  And it is at those times that I understand how people can snap and totally lose their cool.  I’ve never assaulted him, but that is due to my amazing powers self-control.  Not everyone possesses such control. 

An 18-year-old in Florida lost his cool over his dad’s snoring and ended up in jail.  The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Oldsmar, Florida says that the boy got annoyed at his father, who was snoring on the couch.  When a magazine thrown at the sleeping man didn’t stop the noise (it never does), the teen lost it.  He pushed his father off the couch and punched him in the face.

Dad got a trip to the hospital, where he checked out fine.  The kid got a trip to jail, where he was charged with domestic battery.

Now, I am not advocating violence against anyone for any reason.  The kid was wrong and deserves the charge.  But if his dad snores only half as loud as my husband does, I get his desire to do something – anything – to make that infernal noise stop.  Perhaps it is time this hot-head found a quiet little place of his own.

Image:  Ned Raggett/Flickr

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