Teen Boy Knits Blankets for Unwed Mothers


knitted-heart-sm250As part of his school’s Blankets for Babies project, 16-year-old Darryl Currie knits beautiful blankets for children living at Our Ladies Inn shelter for pregnant women in St. Louis.  That a high school boy would spend his free time knitting for others is impressive and commendable, but his philanthropy has an unexpected twist.

Currie began his charitable knitting as a way to relax and give back to others.  But until recently, he didn’t know that the blankets he so lovingly created were being donated to the very same shelter where his mother stayed as a teen when she was pregnant with him.

Talk about coming full circle.

This impresses me on so many levels, not the least of which is the kid’s ability to do something I only wish I could do: knit.  But what really touches me is how his mother, who clearly had a difficult start to her life as a parent, did her job so very well.  This boy’s generous spirit is a testament not only to his own selflessness, but to his mother’s as well.

Image: mararie/Flickr

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