Teen Girls Say They Enjoy Performing Exorcisms


Remember when teenagers used to enjoy spending a Friday night at a sleepover, catching a movie with friends, shopping at the mall, or performing a casual exorcism?

Confused on that last one? Me too, but that is exactly what these three teenage girls that look more like pageant queens than demon exorcisers, say they are investing their time in and, even better, they want to give the American public a front row seat via their own reality television show.

The girls, Brynne and Tess, 17, and Savannah, 20, say that they learned the art of exorcism from Texas preacher, Reverend Bob Larsen, who claims he has cast out more than 15,000 demons. The girls talked about the way they work out those demons in everyone from friends at sleepovers to people in Africa on Anderson last week. The signs of possession the teens discuss in this clip are strangely reminiscent of those one might suffer after one too many glasses of wine the night before which makes perfect sense. A hangover does feel a lot like demonic possession.

Check out their chat with Anderson Cooper:


Via Jezebel.

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