Teen Hero Saves Paralyzed Man


images1An eagle-eyed teen spotted a car at the bottom of an embankment from the window of his school bus last Friday in Sullivan Country, NY.  He alerted his mom after the bus dropped him off, she checked it out and a life was saved.

Turns out the driver of the car was Christopher Drake, a paralyzed man who  lost control of his car 30 hours earlier after attempting to retrieve something that had fallen on the floor.  With no cell phone or any other means to summon help,  Drake attempted to scale the bank, but to no avail.  He climbed back into the car to partially escape the frigid temperature and waited.

Help came in the form of 14-year-old Thomas Conkling and his mother, India.  Mom procured a custodian and a flashlight from a bus station across the street.  The duo spotted Drake and alerted emergency personnel, who managed to pull Drake up the 30-foot hill into safety.  Drake is recovering at the Albany medical center from internal bleeding and exposure to the cold…with the key word being “recovering”.

I love feel-good stories.  And I love kids who are alert and smart and do the right thing.   And I love moms who listen to their kids and do the right thing.

Details are here.

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