Teen Jeopardy Contestant's Hilarious Wrong Answer Still Yields Him $75K (VIDEO)

Jeopardy Teen Tournament
Who is . . . actually, who cares? I win!

Sure, maybe it’s true that nice guys finish last. But in one standout case, a funny guy who was wrong still came in first.

Leonard Cooper was a contestant on the “Jeopardy” Teen Tournament, according to ABC News. At first he wasn’t doing so well, but then a question about the collar bone started turning things around for him. A few questions later he wagered $18,000 when he had $18,200 and it paid off — he got the question right.

When it came time for Final Jeopardy, he got the answer wrong — he didn’t know who said “The eyes of the world are upon you” on June 6, 1944 (it was Dwight David Eisenhower).

But he did know that it didn’t matter. He had enough of a lead going into the final round that if he didn’t wager anything (which he didn’t), he could capture the $75,000 tournament prize.

All written wrong answers in Final Jeopardy should have as much personality as Leonard’s did. Take a look:

Photo/video credit: YouTube

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