Teen Marries Uncle in Shady Catering Hall Ad


flower-girlAs if it wasn’t enough that they grabbed a shot of an underage kid at her sweet sixteen. A catering hall is in trouble for using the picture to promote its wedding availability.

And the picture? It shows the girl with her uncle – as though the kid is marrying a blood relative.

Can anyone say icky here?

Uncle and niece are part of a lawsuit against The Sanz in the Bronx, a spot both say they’ve never visited. Which is why they’re trying to figure out how a photo taken of them at her sweet sixteen (at another venue) was taken, cropped and superimposed over a scene at the Bronx catering hall, then thrown onto a pamphlet over top a bridal ad.

The girl’s claims of undue hardship from in-school teasing seem a little bogus. Do people in her school really think she married her uncle? But the news that the family’s photographer might have been associated with The Sanz does lead to a legitimate suit against a shady photog. When you’re paying a photographer to take pictures of your kids, you want to know they’re not selling the photos elsewhere.

Shooting family portraits on the side, I make it a point to check in with parents even if I’m going to use the pics in an ad for my own business. And forget supplying them to someone else – they belong to the person who paid me for them. It’s my intellectual property, but their physical property.

Who would you be suing in this case?

Image:  rysac1 via Flickr (not the girl in the story)