Teen YouTube Star Gets a Movie Deal


fredHe’s never acted in a traditional movie, but sixteen-year-old Lucas Cruikshank is supposed to carry a movie with a seven figure budget.Don’t worry, they’re giving the YouTube star a partner.

The Nebraska teen has 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Fred, where he uploads videos of himself as Fred Figglehorn, a goofy kid with an impossibly high pitched voice.

And when I say impossibly, I mean incredibly annoying. As the New York Times notes in its announcement of Lucas/Fred’s movie deal: “Fred’s high-pitched voice and his higher-pitched antics strike a lot of adults as fingernails on a chalkboard, but children fall on the floor laughing.”

I tested it – they’re right. My kid loved it.

But the thing is, how many of us are going to take our kids to see a feature length film of that? Written by David A. Goodman, an executive producer from Family Guy, Fred: The Movie is slated for release next holiday season and will also feature actress Pixie Lott.

Check out Fred and tell us: would you watch him for an hour and a half?

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