Teenager Missy Franklin Wins Gold & Wins Hearts With Dedication to Victims of Aurora Shooting

Olympian Missy Franklin

In a time when we hear of teenagers making stupid choices like taking drugs, texting while driving, and getting pregnant, it’s so refreshing to hear of a teenager who is so not that. A teenager who is loyal, determined, talented and doesn’t just win an Olympic gold medal, but does it with grace and honors those who lost their lives in a home-state tragedy. Olympic gold-medal winner Missy Franklin is one such teenager.

The 17-year-old swimmer, who won a gold medal on Monday at the Olympics, has dedicated every one of her races to people affected by the Aurora, Colorado, Dark Knight Rises shooting.

“Every single race I’m going to have that Colorado incident back on my mind,” she said. “It’s such a terrible thing and I’m so shaken by it. They’re in my thoughts this entire process.”

Missy, who is from Centennial, Colorado, was in France training for the Olympics when the shooting happened and her family did not know any of the victims. “But Aurora and Colorado in general is such a close state that when something like that happens we’re all affected by it, no matter who it is,” she said. “It’s hitting very close to home.”

Congratulations to Missy and her big Olympic gold and let’s hope our daughters (and sons) look to her as an inspiration.