Teen's Dream to Smash Garden Gnomes Comes True


smashing gnomesEverybody should have a dream in life.  A shining light on the horizon that keeps you moving forward and working hard.  Some of us spend our whole lives trying to make our dreams come true.  Others simply ask for what they want and have their wish fulfilled.  Such was the case for 14-year-old Paige Jones.  After undergoing jaw surgery, she was granted one wish by the Russells Hall Wishing Well charity.  Unfortunately, she was high on anaesthetics when the offer was made and her response was kind of out there.

Jones, who lives in Stourbridge, West Midlands in the UK wished to to dress up like AC/DC frontman Angus Young and smash garden gnomes with a bass guitar.  I don’t know what she has against silly ceramic lawn decor, but her dreams came true when she was allowed to smash a whole pile of them.

I don’t know about you, but if someone ever offers to make my dreams come true, I am quite certain my response will not involve wearing short pants and taking out innocent gnomes.  Pink flamingos maybe, but not gnomes.