Teens Snorting Bath Salts To Get High a Rising Trend

Bath salts are no longer just for relaxing. A trend in teens snorting a legal substance that looks like bath salts is on the rise.

It’s been all over the news in recent months– the synthetic street drug “bath salts” said to mimic cocaine or ecstasy is growing in popularity and use. Often sold legally in gas stations under the counter or at head shops/smoke shops, it promises an amazing high, but tends to make users violent and suicidal. And the story I just read the other day is one I wish I could UNREAD so, I warn you. Read on with caution if you wish. This piece contains very graphic content.


Of course, I think of bath salts and how I dream of soaking in the tub in peace when my kids finally move out of the house someday. But teens using bath salts is majorly on the rise and one to be on every parent’s radar: calls to U.S. Poison Control centers for possible bath-salts use jumped from 302 in 2010 to 2,237 as of May 2011. New laws against synthetic drugs including bath salts that aren’t technically “illegal” are being set in motion, but enforcing them is a whole other story. Obviously there is a lot of work and awareness still to be done.

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