Telemarketing Company Slammed for Hiring Kids


phone-bankEver feel like debating with the person calling to sell you something at dinner time is like talking to your kids? It might well be.

A Utah company that conducts surveys and collects information via the telephone will have to pay more than half a million dollars in fines for hiring kids as young as thirteen to staff its phone banks.

According to federal authorities, Western Wats hired three thirteen-year-olds to do the work, and had some of its fourteen- and fifteen-year-old charges working more hours than allowed by law for kids their age.

A phone job sounds logical for kids – they’re not around heavy machinery or the meat slicer at the grocery store. They’re not out delivering newspapers and risking getting hit by a car.

And what better job to give your kids a taste of real world rejection? Click!

Image: Orphan Jones via Flickr

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