Ten Bloggers Share Their Answers To The Question, "What Do You Do?"

How do you talk about earning a living blogging? Do you often see confused expressions and bemused looks?

Join the club. When I try to tell people that I write online and doing social media consulting for a living, they nearly universally look confused. In fact, as I wrote last month, I can’t even get my my mother to understand even after six months of living together.

I’ve been talking with other bloggers about how we explain making a living from blogging and writing online, as well as what social media is generally, and I’ve gotten some pretty hilarious responses.


  • Alli Worthington 1 of 10
    Alli Worthington
    Alli says, "I gave up trying to explain what I do. When asked, I give a vague reply, "Oh, I work at home. The majority of my work is done online." I couldn't handle the blank stares or the hours of wasted time trying to explain it all with no success. Nope, I just work online. " And by "working on the internet" she means doing things like launching Picha Global in her spare time.
  • Allison Czarnecki 2 of 10
    Allison Czarnecki
    Allison of Petite Elefant is another one with a pat reply. "I tell people I work for the internet. Buy low, sell high. Multi-level marketing. :) "
  • Amy Corbett Storch 3 of 10
    Amy Corbett Storch
    Amy has some amusing responses too. "Lines I have actually used, in real life and everything! 'Hello! I have turned oversharing into a career. It is my personal and professional mission in life to ensure that no single vapid thought in my head goes undocumented on the Internet.' (Also note that my business cards simply say: Amy Corbett Storch Writes Stuff On The Internet.)"
  • MODG 4 of 10
    MODG says, "Well, I usually tell people I'm House Manager (I actually wrote it on our tax forms this year). They look at me like ?? and I'm like. Yes, that's right, I manage the house, everything in it and around it. And they are like, oh so you're a stay at home mom. And I'm like...did you hear me? HOUSE MANAGER. And then I get to the blog stuff. I should say that if the person I'm speaking with is 70 or older, I do not even mention it. Then we get into things like the internet and science, which I don't have time to explain. If the person is 70 or younger, AND THEY ASK, I say I have a little blog that I write stuff on. If they ask me about what, I say poop and hemorrhoids and they usually stop asking. To be completely honest, I feel silly telling people that I have a blog even though I make money from it and hundreds of thousands of people read it. I don't know why but "blogger" to me still sounds semi "to catch a predator". OR lady with many cats. I mean, not that I don't have many cats. Whatever. Moral: I'm a liar. "
  • Amy Lupold Bair 5 of 10
    Amy Lupold Bair
    Amy says, "Not only am I a social media marketer, which is odd to explain, but my husband is a "government policy analyst," also hard for people to understand in terms of what he actually does day to day. One day [her daughter] came home and told us all about a girl she met on the bus. Part of her story was that this girl's mom is a doctor and her dad is an engineer. After she finished her story I said, "Emma, what did you tell her your parents do?" She said, "I told her I really have no idea WHAT you do, but you both use computers a lot." Poor kid. What I tell other people is that I connect brands who want to sell their products to moms so almost every brand out there with the moms who are online in places like Facebook and Twitter. That seems to be an easier explanation than, 'I party on The Twitter.' "
  • Heather Armstrong 6 of 10
    Heather Armstrong
    In typical fashion, Heather says, simply, "When anyone ever asks me what I do for a living I answer, 'I write about my feelings.' "
  • Erin Loechner 7 of 10
    Erin Loechner
    The adorable Erin says, "For me, social media is the virtual coffee shop where I exchange ideas, advice and musings with my favorite gems from every zip code. Bonus? The lattes are free. ;)"
  • Jill Smokler 8 of 10
    Jill Smokler
    Jill of Scary Mommy says, "Well, I barely talk to people who don't live inside my computer, so the topic doesn't really come up in conversation." Of course, she also now has her book to help explain things.
  • Kelby Carr 9 of 10
    Kelby Carr
    Kelby says, "I prefer not to explain it. It is much more fun to say I am a blogger or say I work in social media, and savor the head tilts, awkward but polite smiles and blank stares from the normals."
  • Deb on the Rocks 10 of 10
    Deb on the Rocks
    My favorite Super Social Media Girl Deb says, "Social media is like the aggregate combination of: 40s party line (Tell Lassie Timmy's fallen in by the ravine!); 50s water cooler discussion of Hoover and the Hollywood Blacklist 60s block party (canapes and cocktails, yum!); 70s encounter group at the commune; 80s mosh pit (Docs are awesome on your feet, not on your neck!); 90s performance art installation and a reality TV show from the 2000's. 'Hi everyone! Let's talk and get good stuff done! This is (sort of) me, ready for my close up/140 characters of #fame!' "


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