The Work/Life Juggle: 10 Tips For Managing Work and Life While Nurturing Your Social Media Networks

As more mom bloggers I know are professionalizing their work whether by becoming professional bloggers or working on campaigns or acting as social media consultants a frequent topic of conversation becomes how to manage it all. After all, our social platform is what has allowed us to become professionals, and we will continue to rely on them as part of our work, but we have to also have a life outside of the internet.

In order to succeed as people working in social media we need to find a balance between working and hanging out online. This is challenging, of course, and I know as my work grows more intense I find myself spending hours offline. This is NOT a bad thing, of course, but when part of my work includes online campaigns and outreach it could present challenges if my off-line ways become too much of a habit.

It’s quite a tightrope to walk.

I’ve found myself discussing this same issue with friends more and more. How do we balance it all? Personally, I’ve found some tips that work for me. Here they are.

  • Up In The Air 1 of 10
    Up In The Air
    The worst part of the social media / work juggle is that feeling that your feet aren't on the ground. It's incredibly important to determine what, exactly, grounds you and make that grounding a daily habit. For me, I start each day using ye old pen and paper to write a list of things I need to accomplish.
  • Everybody Wants You 2 of 10
    Everybody Wants You
    If you have kids still at home, or are trying to work once the kids are home from school, you know that horrible feeling of being stretched in twenty different directions at once. Social Media can pull at you, too, as people share stuff with you and ask about your day online. I've found that setting hours for work and being online helps a lot; I'm in my office from 8 am til it's time to make or eat dinner, but dinner until bed time is the time I spend with my daughter. But after she goes to bed? That's my fun social media time, and when I deepen and nurture the relationships with people I know online.
  • Segment Your Social Media Time 3 of 10
    Segment Your Social Media Time
    While nightime is my "hang out and socialize" time online, I have to be much more regimented during the day. Once an hour, I do a "circut" through my networks. Meaning I pop into Facebook, check in at Google+, and hang out on Twitter for a bit. I give myself five or ten minutes to check up and check in, but no more than that. (I do check in on Twitter once or twice an hour in addition to this, but only to see if there have been any direct messages or @ messages that I need to reply to. Twitter moves fast than the other networks and I find it needs a more active kind of cultivation to be successful.) Facebook is a place I have to be careful; it is a much bigger time suck than Twitter for me, so I limit my checks during the day to the professional groups I'm a member of. Google+ I usually do a light scan of my top two circles because for me, G+ is one of the best sources for my work for MomCrunch. I realize that for a non-social media professional this still seems like an excessive amount of time, but I have found that when I slack on my social media networking I lose some of my edge when planning campaigns for clients.
  • My Own Blog 4 of 10
    My Own Blog
    I got into this game because I love to blog, and I need to make sure I don't lose site of that. I have to make my blog a priority. The way I maintain my own blog while also working two jobs that each take about 30 hours a week is to make my blog my early morning priority. That means that before I check email, before I check any social media networks, before anything - I take the time to write my own blog posts. I usually take a few minutes to get calm and centered (believe it or not, I do this by praying and meditating while listening to beautiful music). Because my blog is about, you know, my thoughts and feelings, this centering trick helps me keep focused and honest.
  • Taking Care of Yourself 5 of 10
    Taking Care of Yourself
    I know. It seems like it's impossible to do this too. But sometimes you need to stop. Take a lunch break; a real one, where you leave you computer behind and sit at the table and eat while you gaze into the distance or read a book. Take a shower, even when you don't want to. That blog post can wait. Give yourself time to see friends for coffee. On the weekends, schedule a few hours a day to be offline entirely. It helps. I know it's the only way I survive.
  • Remember That It’s Not All Up To You 6 of 10
    Remember That It's Not All Up To You
    I know it's hard to remember, but you aren't the master of the universe (and neither am I). Honest. If you're feeling overwhelmed, get some help or take something off your plate. Really. Did you see this video about women having heart attacks? I don't want that to be you (or me). Breathe.
  • Take Time To Be You 7 of 10
    Take Time To Be You
    One of the most challenging aspects of working while also playing in the social media game is being yourself while remaining professional (most people would likely say I don't succeed at this, but I have my own way of doing things that works for me). But social media is a world in which bullshit won't stand, so you have to be careful to remember to be real while being professional.
  • Keep Time On Your Side: Get Enough Sleep 8 of 10
    Keep Time On Your Side: Get Enough Sleep
    It often feels like time is our enemy; I know each day I feel like the morning arrives like an unwelcome bastard and leaves me saying, "Just two more hours!" But the truth is, time is what we make of it. Go to bed early a couple times of week. Let your partner get up with the kids, or set up a movie and a snack for the kids in the morning so you can stay abed once a week. Sleep is critical. Get some.
  • Support Is Out There 9 of 10
    Support Is Out There
    Remember: when you are hitting the capacity wall, you aren't alone. Ask friends to do guest posts so you can take a week off blogging and return the favor when you can. If you have writers block, hit up your network for ideas. You are not in this alone, and you don't have to do it all.
  • We’re All In This Together 10 of 10
    We're All In This Together
    When all else fails, remember how incredibly enriching it is to be part of this community. The momosphere is an awesome place to live and work! Besides being full of opportunities, it's also an amazing group of women. Don't lose sight of that.

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