Ten Ways Bloggers can Benefit Companies

social-media-strategyIt is not just about giveaways anymore — there are a myriad of ways bloggers can benefit companies. Let’s start with ten…

Can I tell you a secret???

One of the main reasons that my twin sister, Susan, and I built 5 Minutes for Mom was because we are e-commerce business owners — and there is nothing more valuable to an online business than a powerful blog!

We strategically designed and built 5 Minutes for Mom to benefit our stores, Pedal Cars and Retro and A Rocking Horse to Love. We knew that we needed to build a high page rank site (5 Minutes for Mom has maintained a page rank 6 for the majority of its five+ years,) and create a way to bring links from other bloggers to our stores. And it worked!

In the end, 5 Minutes for Mom has become our passion and while our mom, Joan, and a couple employees run our stores, Susan and I spend the bulk of our time with 5 Minutes for Mom and related social media work.

Now, most business are not going to be able to set out and build a top parenting site with high page rank and over 500,000 incoming links.

BUT no worries — because companies can HIRE bloggers WITH those assets! Yes, bloggers hold some very valuable real estate and influence.

Here are ten ways bloggers can benefit a companies in their social media strategy:

1. Link Building Reviews, Giveaways, Sponsored Posts
Links. They are the gold of the internet, driving traffic and influencing search engines. Sites simply can’t thrive without incoming links.

Blogs are one of the richest mines of quality links, with keyword rich, relevant content. Not only are these links passing valuable page rank, improving search engine ranking, but they are driving targeted traffic.

2. Affiliates
Bloggers are ideal affiliates. Bloggers have built a relationship with their readers and their readers trust their opinions.

And, of course, remember bloggers’ good page rank and search engine optimization? Their affiliate posts show up in the search engines. Yes, Google loves good quality blogs!

3. Advertising
Good old fashioned advertising — in some very new ways! From banner ads, to sponsored posts, to integrated campaigns and more, the ways to advertise with bloggers is constantly growing and changing.

4. Awareness Campaigns and Buzz
Bloggers spread news. Whether it is on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., bloggers are in the business of building buzz. If you want to get a message out to the world, chances are good that a blogger can help you.

5. Feedback and Focus Groups
Mom bloggers are an incredible source of information — from personal buying habits to social media expertise. Bloggers can be some of the best focus groups available. (Just don’t forget to compensate when looking for feedback and focus groups!)

6. Freelance Writing
Yes, strangely enough, we bloggers are writers! Many of us were professionally writing before the blogosphere was even born.

And, the best part is, when hiring bloggers for freelance writing jobs, you not only are getting experienced, gifted writers, but you are often bringing in bloggers with established brands and influence.

7. Consulting
Social media consulting has exploded — and companies are consistently hiring bloggers to give them insight and expertise in the world of new media. Who better to teach about the trends in social media than the ones who are helping to develop and move those trends?

8. Blogger Outreach
Ask a blogger what her inbox is like and you will hear either laughter or deep sighs, both of which are signs of the most common plague of bloggers — the jammed inbox!

With hundreds of pitches, press releases, and requests every week, bloggers are overwhelmed by people trying to get their attention. If you are trying to get an “in” with top bloggers and get seen in their inboxes, one of your best bets is through another blogger!

Many of us bloggers work with companies doing blogger outreach and consulting, helping to connect them with top influencers in their field.

9. Community Building
Where do you go to get help building a community — to the community builders, bloggers!

Bloggers are not only skilled in relationship building and extending reach, but they usually come with established and loyal communities of their own.

10. Brand Ambassadorships and Spokespersons
Perhaps one of the most ideal ways for a blogger to partner with a company is as a spokesblogger! Bloggers working as spokespersons can offer an authentic voice and a range of talents!

And it all comes down to MORE Customers…

The bottom line for every business is profit. I know as a business owner myself, that our business would NEVER have succeeded without our blog and other bloggers.

And the best part is, bloggers can have fantastic, genuine relationships with companies that benefit everyone — companies, readers, and themselves!

Tomorrow, for my final post in this week’s series, I will address that very issue — how partnerships between bloggers and companies can be authentic and beneficial in, “We Don’t Work for Free, But We Aren’t For Sale.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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