"Thank You, Hater" (or, More Appropriately, Thank You Isabel Fay)

The Adorable and Hilarious Isabel Fay

Haters are special kind of… oh, let’s go with awesome, shall we? AWESOME. Yes. But haters on YouTube are an especially rancid and horrid breed of awesome, as anyone that has done a fair amount of video blogging can attest. A person could spend all day deleting the rude, violent, and disgusting comments left on YouTube videos.

Or you could write a song about them.

That’s what Isabel Fay did. She’s a comedy tour-de-force, co-creator of Clever Pie Productions and, frankly, damned funny and a pretty fine singer.

Huge thanks to Candice for tipping me off to this one. I’ve been humming along and laughing all day. The song is now available on iTunes, and all proceeds are going to Beat Bullying.

Please note: THIS VIDEO NOT EVEN REMOTELY SAFE FOR WORK. Although everyone’s British so it’s a little hard to understand exactly what they’re saying. Ahem.

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