It's Time to Decorate for... Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving wallpaper, thanksgiving pictures
It’s time to give thanks.

It seems I’m not the only parent out there who isn’t looking forward to an onslaught of Christmas decorations and music.  So for those of you searching for ways to prepare for and celebrate Thanksgiving, here are a few resources you can use:

Blue Mountain and American Greetings are offering some very nice, free, not-at-all-cheesy, fall and Thanksgiving themed wallpapers for your desktop – and of course you can use these images to make cards and crafts, as well.

Want to print some Thanksgiving coloring pages for the kids?  Try  They have all sorts of printables, both intricate and simple for children of all ages.  Disney’s got a slew of craft ideas over at their Family Fun site, including ways to make tiny turkeys out of pine cones that look easy, fun and cute.  (Plus they offer instructional videos for the craft-challenged.)

And if you’re looking for some more grown-up holiday tips, why not visit Martha Stewart’s Everything Thanksgiving channel, which has ideas for, well, everything, from recipes to table decor.  Gobble it up!

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