That's It, We're Canceling Christmas


dead-christmas-treeThe threat of Santa can only take you so far. You keep using him and using him, and come Christmas Eve, it’s over.

If your kids haven’t shaped up, what do you? If you’re hard core, you cancel Christmas.


So you can’t skip Dec. 25, but every parenting guide worth its salt warns you have to have follow through on all those threats. So again, what do you come Dec. 24 when brattiness has reached fever pitch and your threats are just about to sound hollow?

The Toronto Star relates the story of a dad who went outside, shot his rifle into the air, then returned to tell the kids he shot Santa. We’re not suggesting that.

But if your kids are that poorly behaved, who’s to say they deserve presents? Bring back that reason for the season, gather the family around for a big dinner and just skip the opening ceremoney. You can save the gifts for a day when you think they’re ready to appreciate them – and you.

There will be screaming. And kicking. And myriad examples of why they don’t deserve to be spoiled.

Or you could just bring on the gluttony and figure out another way to follow through tomorrow.

Have you ever been tempted to cancel a holiday?

Image: ghat, via flickr

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