The 100 Games Cupcake Game


hungryhippoWhen I was a kid, my brother beat me 115 times in a row at Stratego.  I know, because we kept score on the box lid.  I think I might have won five, and those were “gimmees” given to me by an older brother who was willing to give one up now and then to a little sister who was willing to get trounced again and again.

We love games in our family, a tradition I’m eager to pass on to my own kids.  Our shelves are lined with old favorites:  Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, as well as new favorites, Max the Cat, Sorry, Uno Attack, and Balloon Lagoon.

That’s why this 100 Games Cupcake Quiz is so much fun.  There’s some definite oldies here — Atari Adventure?  Dig Dug?  I’m aging myself here, but seeing those on a cupcake definitely made me nostalgic.

Take the quiz for yourself and see how you do, then come back and share your favorite family games with us.


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