The Absentee Parent Cooking Show! (Video)

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The Absentee Parent Cooking Show!

How many of you can think back to being a kid in the 80’s, when cooking shows ruled weekends on PBS, and remember acting out your own cooking show in your kitchen? I would do it all the time when my parents weren’t home, even though I had absolutely no idea how to cook. By the time I was in middle school and took to boiling my own noodles on the stove, I would say the steps out loud to my imaginary audience as I prepared yet another delicious pack of Ramen. “You want to drain the pasta almost all the way, leaving just enough water to absorb some of the flavor packet so that your noodles have an intense but not overwhelmingly salty flavor.”

Though times have changed (the Frugal Gourmet was a pedophile? What?!), there’s no shortage of cooking shows and competitions on air now. Most of my friends are obsessed with Master Chef, and despite the fact that I still can’t cook, I’ve watched a few episodes of Top Chef here and there. Accordingly, the tradition of kids creating fake cooking shows in their parents’ kitchens is alive and well. Here’s one by College Humor starring Modern Family’s Nolan Gould. Enjoy the hilariously dark but so dead-on “Absentee Parent Cooking Show,” below:

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