The Addam's Family Will Be Moving to Broadway


addamsThe Little Mermaid on Broadway may be closing, but the ‘Great White Way’  will soon be home to yet another screen to stage transformation. This time the honoree will be the classic cult/family show The Addams Family.

Starring in the show will be Nathan Lane as Gomez Addams and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia. The show will have previews starting  on November 12th in Chicago with a Broadway launch on March 4th, 2010 and will them make a home at the Nederlander Theater.

The stage story, which was penned by the duo behind the Jersey Boys, will go something like this:

“Storm clouds are gathering over the Addams Family manse. Daughter Wednesday, now 18, is experiencing a sensation that surprises and disgusts her — caring about another person. Young Pugsley, jealous of his sister’s attention, begs her to keep torturing him, severely, while mother Morticia, conflicted over her daughter’s lurch into womanhood, fears being upstaged and discarded…like yesterday’s road kill. All the while, father Gomez — master of the revels, mischievous and oblivious as ever — would prefer everything and everyone remain as it is. But when outsiders come to dinner, the events of one night will change forever this famously macabre family — a family so very different from your own…or maybe not.”

You can find out more about the show here. And bask in the glory of the awesome opening credits from the original TV show below.

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