The Adventures of TinTin as Reviewed by 3 Kids

This weekend, my husband and I took our three kids to see the new movie The Adventures of TinTin. We were super excited for several reasons:

  • Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Same movie. I mean, come on.
  • My husband was a huge fan of the TinTin books when he was young and our kids have read them, including The Secret of the Unicorn, upon which the movie is based.
  • I go to see movies in the theater maybe twice a year, so it’s pretty much always a big deal for me. I’m lame like that.

My husband and I loved it. We were totally blown away by the animation to the point that I’m no longer certain if “animation” is even the right term to describe what we saw. Magic? Possibly witchcraft? We were dumbstruck like two old people seeing their first horseless carriage or talking picture. In any case, it was visually amazing. I will be buying it on DVD as soon as it comes out because I can’t wait to watch it with a glass of wine.

Walking out of the theater, we were sort of dazed after the audio-visual assault our senses had endured, and I was glad we’d decided not to see it in 3D. I would’ve been happy to except that it would have cost an additional $20 thanks to the $4 per ticket surcharge for digital 3d. Also, we had our three-year-old with us, and we thought it might be too much for her.

But enough about what the grown-ups thought. I asked each of my kids what their opinions were about the movie and here’s what they said:

Eight-year-old daughter: I liked it a lot. I would give it an eight, which means I loved it but it wasn’t my favorite of all time. Just really good. It sort of reminded me of Peter Pan with there being pretty much only boys and fighting pirates and stuff.

My favorite part was when that lady sang OOOOOPERA [she actually sang this word really, really loud] and the guy with the beard and the dog started rolling around and the man started crying and yelling: “MEDICAL EMERGENCY!” Then she hit a high C and stuff broke. That was awesome.

Takeaway: Good for eight-year-olds, but maybe better for boys than girls.

Six-year-old son: I loved it. I gave it the highest number you said. Ten? Then ten. I liked it as much as Star Wars. [Stop. WHAT? There is no higher praise. Holy crap.] I like when the Captain guy was fighting pirate bad guys, and I loved it when the dogs played together in the forest.

I love that dog Snowy, and he is just like my dog and I’m just like TinTin. Can I have a bright blue sweater please? Do I already one? No? Then can I get one? And can I get a haircut? Then can you make my hair go all sticky-uppy in front? Great! NOW, please.

Takeaway: Six-year-old boys will probably think this is coolest movie in the history of ever.

Three-year-old daughter: I like it. I like dat little boy and da puppy. [scowls at everyone] I already did like da puppy. Da pirates were too scary. I always haffa go to da bafroom during da movie. And you haffa take me. [smiles broadly as she is aware that drives me batschmidt] Den I fell asleep on you, mommy.

Takeaway: Three-year-olds will eat their popcorn and candy, ask you to take them to the bathroom multiple times and then either fall asleep on you or whine until you have to leave the theater.

As a family? Four out of five Miners agree that this movie is awesome. Hope that helps you decide if you want to spend far too much money to go see a movie in the theater!



Article Posted 4 years Ago
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