The Angry Birds Are Coming... to Your Layette Set!

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Angry Birds layette items for your baby bird!

The game Angry Birds has exploded in popularity over the last year.  Back in February, one awesome Dad made his son a playable Angry Birds birthday cake, and recently a teacher began using the birds as a way to explain physics.  There are Angry Birds plush toys sold at stores like Barnes and Noble, and now, SwaddleDesigns has teamed with game maker Rovio to create the first ever Angry Birds layette items.

BusinessWire reports that the items are already available for pre-order, and products will begin shipping by October 10, 2011.  SwaddleDesigns is offering fans who pre-order from their Angry Birds layette collection in the value of $50 or more a free Angry Birds plush toy with their order.

“As parents, one aspect of Angry Birds we appreciate is how protective the birds are and how much they love their offspring,” Lynette Damir, CEO of SwaddleDesigns says. “It’s one of the characters’ endearing qualities that resonates with parents everywhere, and a key reason we believe Angry Birds fans will be enthusiastic about our new line of Angry Bird baby products.”

I don’t know about all that, because I’ve never played Angry Birds.  According to Reuters, I must be one of the few people left in the country who has never experienced the game.  “Angry Birds has over 40 million players each month and it’s one of the top apps on Apple Inc’s mobile platform,” Reuters says. “But Rovio has also sold roughly 7 million Angry Birds toys and gets a ‘sizable proportion’ of its revenue from licensing and merchandising, according to Ville Heijari, vice president of franchise development.”

Here’s a preview of the Angry Birds layette collection, with links to purchase if you like:

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