The Babysitter is a Monkey - With Video


monkey-clipart-01-fullBabysitters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be old or young. Male or female. Friends, family or a hired hand. But generally babysitters are of the human variety. But for one family in India the babysitter is …a monkey.

There was once a monkey in Dhenkanal (and no, that’s not a start to a naughty limerick) who helped a mother care for her infant baby. Each morning the monkey would come to the house and would hang out the child all day long allowing the busy mom to do her household chores. “Initially, I was scared by this unusual affection shown by the monkey towards my baby. But today, the monkey takes care of him the whole day when I am busy with my household work. Sitting next to my baby son, the monkey looks after him as a mother and never harms,” said Kamalini Khuntia, the mother of the young baby. One thing for sure by watching the video, this baby is nit-free.  Yes, this footage is a couple years old but it’s still a great story and now a YouTube hit. (see video below)

Would you ever entertain the idea of letting a  animal help out with your baby?

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