The Babysitter's Club: Where Are They Now?

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Remember the Babysitter's Club?

Remember the Babysitter’s Club? Those perky girls who pooled their collective powers of organization, good manners and 7th grade social skills into a thriving business watching younger kids?

I was obsessed with the Babysitter’s Club as a kid. So obsessed that I still have the signed book my 4th grade teacher brought back for me from a writer’s conference, with Ann M. Martin’s scrawl inside the front cover.

So of course I was thrilled to find this scrappy bit of fanfic revealing what happened to the girls of the Babysitter’s Club in the years since they graduated middle school.

Love this. Some highlights:

Kristy’s a lesbian, and a political activist. Claudia’s a frustrated artists looking to become an elementary school teacher. Mary Anne is a goody-goody fundamentalist with six kids. Stacey is a model and modestly successful actress, about to appear on the Disney Channel. Dawn is a raving hippy. Mallory is totally awesome at everything she does, but still single. And Jessie: refused to answer the reporter’s questions.

You know it’s rough when fictional characters refuse to talk to you.

I’m so glad I know what happened to those girls. Now I just need intrepid, fictional reporters to find out what happened to Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown when they grew up.

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