The ‘Behaviour Contract - Your Kid Acts Up? You Pay — Out of Your Wallet


050930_brats_vmedwidecThe British government has decided to hit parents where it hurts, their pocket books. It was recently announced that parents in the United Kingdom whose kids go to state schools – will be required to sign a contract that says their children will behave while at school.  All pupils will have live up to an outline of  “minimum standards of behavior and attendance”.

If the kids don’t follow the guidelines…their parents may face a ‘court action’ and could be fined up to £1,000,  if they are a repeat offender. “Every parent will have to, as part of the admissions process, say they take on board the obligations in the Home School Agreement, and every parent will be expected to reaffirm that every year,” the school secretary Ed Balls said. “If other parents feel that the HSA is not being enforced against other parents they will be able to tell the local education authority,” he added.

They are putting responsibility of the kid’s behavior at school squarely on the parent, with the added bonus of being able to tattle on the questionable parenting skills of your peers.

Do you think that it’s out of line for the government to make parents responsible for their kid’s actions?