The Best Video You'll Watch, Pretty Much Ever


It’s clear that the internet is a bit crazy about weddings. If you search YouTube for “wedding entrances” you’ll find a vast collection of bridesmaids and groomsmen entering churches doing silly dances, clearly destined to be posted on social media networks.

Today in the Huffington Post Carey Gordon discusses the fact that these days, brides and grooms are updating their Facebook pages before they even leave the altar of the church, and she asks how much is too much?

“…maybe it’s time to draw some social media etiquette lines. It’s great to use for organizing and keeping in touch with friends, but taking it to the altar just seems a bit too much. When is enough, enough when it comes to social media?”

But humans are romantic, and we do love a happy ending, so it’s not a huge surprise that we love our weddings and our wedding proposals! on social networks.

And boy oh boy, did Isaac Lamb raise the bar when it comes to marriage proposals. He created what he calls the “first live lip dub proposal” and posted it online. It’s a simply amazing video featuring family and friends and is, frankly, one of the best things I’ve ever seen online.

Even though Isaac posted it online, he’s still a bit stunned by the way the video has gone viral, according to

Said Lamb, “To be honest it’s a little overwhelming. I’m really, really, really touched by how positive people’s reactions have been. The love I genuinely feel for my fiancé has touched other people. I never expected this and I’m really amazed by the response. My intention was never to make a viral video.”

Enough talk. Time for the video! Grab your tissues. This is a good one.

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