The Bloggess Publishes a Book: I'm So Glad It Happened


Yesterday was a pretty difficult day at the office for me. Not because I was over-worked and under-caffeinated (Though, for the record, I was.) or even because our office printer is one half-step above a dot matrix and my co-workers routinely abuse the reply all button.

No, yesterday was long and grueling because I really wanted to be at home with my Kindle. Like many people, I pre-ordered Jenny Lawson, also know as The Bloggess’, new book and I couldn’t wait to get home and get to reading. I faked a dire need to use the bathroom immediately upon arrival home from work and was able to make it through two whole chapters before my children started cramming their fingers under the crack of the door and asking what I was doing in there. 

I am now about halfway through and I can honestly say Jenny has nailed it. The only thing that could make this book better is if she would agree to read it aloud to me in my bathroom while we hide from my family. I would also settle for my living room, but only if Jenny brings along a few taxidermied squirrel puppets to entertain my children while she reads.

The book is called “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir)” and in it Jenny chronicles her life growing up in rural Texas with a taxidermy loving father through adulthood, broaching the topics of marriage, depression, and infertility in a hilarious way only she can. To be clear, you will need a change of underwear to read this book or, if it’s laundry day, you may want to read it dehydrated. If you love her blog, you’ll love the book more.

The Bloggess isn’t the only female blogger with a recent book release. Heather Armstrong, Stephanie Nielson, and Jill Smokler also released books this month inspired by their life and blog.

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