The Candwich Serves Up PB & J in a Can and More


Spaghetti-Os are so last year. This year’s newest insta-food for parents who can’t seem to slap a little peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat bread is the Candwich. Yep, as awful as it sounds. — The Mommy Files

In her autobiography, Lips Unsealed: A Memoir on Living, Belinda Carlisle talks about her drug and alcohol problems and says that she drank every day of her pregnancy. Carlisle’s son James Duke is now 18. — Celebrity Baby Scoop

The end of amino? Researchers in the Netherlands say they’re developing a prenatal blood test that could eliminate the need for amnio and CVS, tests that carry with them the risk of miscarriage. — The Stir

Car seats help kids safe inside the care, but experts say that 9,000 babies are sent to the ER each year for accidents occurring in car seat outside the car — like when parents put a car seat holding a baby on a table, for instance. — ParentDish

Did you have the baby blues after pregnancy? They’re very common, but how do you know when you’ve moved from typical hormone shift into full blown post-partum depression? Parents Ask has tips.

Photo: The Mommy Files

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